We are now taking submissions for the Culture Night 2014 programme, which will take place on Friday 19 September. All proposals must be submitted by Tuesday 1 July.

It's the sixth year of Culture Night Belfast, the city's biggest, most colourful and inclusive cultural celebration. With your help we will radically transform and energise the streets, throughfares, spaces and places of Belfast over six hours. Last year over 200 organisations and individuals got involved and performed, presents, curated, cultivated, illuminated, showed, screened, told and generally opened up to over 30,000 people across the city centre, and beyond, in an evening of carnivalesque adventure like no other.

If you have an exciting idea or event you think would be perfect for Culture Night Belfast 2014 now is the time to let us know.

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Introducing CNX

This year we are introducing a new element to our Culture Night programming . CNX will run from Monday 15 - Sunday 21 September (excluding Culture Night 19 September). CNX will give people the chance to see that the fantastic cultural offering in Belfast is not limited to a few hours one Friday night.

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Belfast's biggest and boldest cultural celebration.

250+ events, 100+ venues and over 30,000 people in Cathedral Quarter and beyond - Culture Night is taking over Belfast on 20th September between 4-10pm.

"Best night ever! A surprise round every corner. Simply brilliant!"

Latest updates

Culture Night Belfast 2014

2014-02-12 11:33:00

For all of you asking 2014 Culture Night will be on....


Book your flights/hotels/time off/babysitter now!

And if you want to get involved, it's not to early to start planning. Make sure it's in your plan for the year and watch this space.

For details on how to start planning your event, please download our toolkit.


2013-09-19 13:00:00

We don’t go in for countdowns much at Culture Night, but if we did, then we’d be yelling right now IT’S 24 HOURS TO CULTURE NIGHT BELFAST!

Instead we’d very sensibly like to round up a few outstanding and rather excellent points of information and impart them to you lovely people ahead of Culture Night, which as you may know is but 24 hours away.

So first off, Parking: We try and encourage people not to bring their car in the first place, but we understand that’s not always possible. So, if you are bringing a car to Culture Night, we’d recommend the car park on 1 Frances Street – opposite the Belfast Met (right hand side of the building that has the Falls Taxi Association). They are very kindly offering parking for Culture Nighters between 5pm and 12am on Friday 20th September for £5.00 or 24hr parking for £10.00, which we think is a pretty snazzy deal.

People using this offer will need to take an entry ticket and park, then get their parking ticket validated and paid at our front office before they leave. This will enable them to then exit the car park after without the hassle of paying later.

For those Cyclists amongst you perhaps reluctant to bike it into Culture Night, we’re delighted to announce there’s a proper Culture Night Bikepark this year, in St Anne’s carpark. It’s open from 4pm-11pm and there’s a dedicated security guard to keep watch. So there’s really no excuse not to get on your bike for CNB13.

You’ll need nutritional as well as cultural sustenance tomorrow night, and therefore, we’re delighted to announce there will be a number of fabulous hot and cold food vendors operating during Culture Night. You’ll be able to get a range of delicious and decently priced grub from stalls at Buoys Park, Writers Square and also in our new Culture Night Zone of Folktown where Marquis Street is the place to feed.

And finally, we’re not saying it’s the law or anything, but it’d be really really really cool if any of you out there took the notion to adopt our CNB13 colour scheme for tomorrow evening. Y’know – yellow and black? Basically, if you all wore yellow and black it’d make an already amazing evening become like a mad colour-coordinated indelible spectacle. Like we said, it’s not obligatory, but it’s just a thought. Whatever your colour scheme tomorrow, please remember to have an absolute bloody blast! See you on the streets fellow Culture Nighters...

Changes to Programme

2013-09-19 09:33:00

Hi folks,

Here’s our last minute update with changes to the printed program. Look out for our lovely volunteers clad in yellow t-shirts for more programme information.



St Anne's Car Park
Proms in The Car Park: The Fred Bicycle Orchestra

Clements, Rosemary Street
Window Seats, Music Videos and Behind the Scenes

All King Street Taxi Terminal events, 35 King Street

  • - Underground Speakeasy
  • - Queue-up entertainment
  • - Bus Card

Club Sásta, North Queen Street
Trad Ar Fad at Club Sásta

The Hudson Bar, Grisham Street
Guess Who Dating Show, Chrissi’s Dating Service

Albert Clock
I Charleston

Venue/ Event changes

Johnny Cash 10 Years Gone has moved to The Dark Horse Courtyard, Commercial Court, 8pm – 10pm

‘Consolidating Ruins’ lecture has been replaced by 'All at Sea' - a talk with Ann McVeigh from PRONI on their maritime records. NIEA, Hill Street, 1pm - 2pm

Pigeon and Plum @ 23 North Street now ‘Pop Up Penny Ponopticon, Sticky Bivouack’ at same address, 9pm.

The Galley Café/ Belfast Barge

  • - The Lifeboat poetry readings are now in Loft Studios, 99 North Street
  • - Floating Speakeasy will close at 11pm

New Events

Hit the North, Assembly Rooms
Film screening and Q and A with Inkie. 1pm – 2pm.

Community Mural, North Street
A large-scale participatory mural in the heart of Culture Night. 4 – 10pm

Volunteer at Culture Night Belfast

2013-08-25 12:36:00

VOLUNTEER TIME! Hi everybody! After last year’s success, Culture Night Belfast is back again in 2013 with another fantastic, splendid, marvellous day of over 200 FREE events on Friday 20th September. If you are interested in volunteering this year, please show your interest by sending your e-mail address and contact telephone number to peter@culturenightbelfast.com and we can get you all some info on the event! If you wish to volunteer, you need to be free on either Monday 16th or Tuesday 17th of September for training and briefing. Keep an eye out for the stickers around the city as Culture Night 2013 is well and truly UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Thanks!

All volunteers must be 18 or over

#CNB365 Campaign Launched

2013-08-16 11:05:00

In Culture Night HQ we’re feverishly putting the finishing touches to the 2013 programme and as 20 September approaches we’re looking bigger, bolder and, we hope, more popular than ever. At least that’s what you keep telling us!

With that in mind, we thought we’d tentatively spread our wings beyond simply delivering an all-inclusive evening of cultural wonder. We thought we’d dig a little deeper into just what it is that makes Culture Night so special and see if there are lessons we can learn that would make a positive, permanent change in this city we all love.

Every year we hear wonderful compelling stories from you about how Culture Night somehow makes the city centre family friendly, vibrant and, yes, even like a European Capital. Every year we are asked why it’s only one night and every year people bemoan that Belfast should be like this all the time.

So why shouldn’t every night be a culture night in Belfast? Or at least what simple things could we do to make Belfast more like Culture Night all year round? Who better to ask than you, the people of Belfast – How can we move closer to ‘CNB365’?

We’re asking no less than what single thing you think could improve Belfast, be it culturally, architecturally or socially. Maybe it’s the licensing laws, eating al fresco in the streets, or something amazing you saw whilst on holiday that you think would work really well here on our own streets, or perhaps the reconfiguration of a neglected space. Anything that says CNB365 to you is valid, no matter how crazy or out there you think it might be. If you think it’ll get us closer to CNB365, we want to hear it!

CNB 365 is no less than us getting together as a city and deciding what we can do to make our city a little better. A little closer to being Culture Night every night! So we need your ideas, your passions and your vision and we’ll take the best and most popular one and advocate on its behalf in the corridors of power, or wherever we can!

In between, we’ll have a forum where the best of your ideas are pitched and thrashed out, and then we’ll have a public vote for the winning idea, and then Culture Night Belfast will lobby and advocate for that idea with your mandate at our back.

In the past we had competitions for individuals to win something rather nice. This year, our fifth year, we think its time for the whole city to win. So what do you want to do?!



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Take me back to Culture Night #CNB13 @itszmc

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“@BBC6MorningShow: #NowPlaying the beautiful @isobelanderson_ - Waiting For You” Awesome at St Annes Cath #cnb13 now @laurenlaverne's a fan

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Don't forget if you loved Street of Magic at #cnb13 tomorrow night is the Midweek Magic Club @BlackBoxBelfast. 7.30, £4. Magic, music, craic

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New blog post: Culture in the city #CNB13 http://t.co/Eghmddqt9e

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Lots of lovely new photos from our #UrbanBallet parade at #CNB13 here: https://t.co/dsC3kpCA4o - more to come! http://t.co/J0ASiF08f3

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Lots of lovely new photos from our #UrbanBallet parade at #CNB13 up on our FB page: https://t.co/LazroP8zdO

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Have you heard ‘Culture Night Belfast 2013’ by Homely Planet on #SoundCloud? #CNB13 https://t.co/Tm5lihwVLq

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Too many excuses to miss good things, no more! Missed #CNB13, #BelfastDay @WBTradersForum event on Sat too & will also get out a run : )

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Best part of #culture night belfast #cnb13

2013-09-29 14:23:33


This time last week, #CNB13. Now? Watching Fun House and Takeshi's Castle :-(((

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