16 · 09 · 16


16 · 09 · 16




Barbara Knezevic: The Last Thing on Earth

10:00 - 21:00

Solo exhibition from Dublin-based Barbara Knezevic

We are pleased to be presenting the first institutional solo exhibition in the UK and Ireland from Dublin-based artist Barbara Knezevic.

This exhibition begins with a proposition. What if this is the last thing, the final material to be pulled out of the ground, the final piece of stuff that has not already been purposed by humans?

This speculative thing will be contained within the gallery space. Surrounding it will be a multitude of other physical items whose role is to act in its service. Boundless questions will arise; how is its form negotiated, its value, its needs, its position within the world, its relationship with a viewer, its relationship to the MAC, its infinite possibilities and impossibilities. This thing, these questions, and everything else contained within this project embody the artist?s interest in the means by which meaning and value of the things around us is constructed and disseminated in contemporary culture.

Barbara Knezevic is an Australian artist currently based in Dublin. She attended the Sydney College of the Arts where she received a Bachelor of Visual Arts and completed her Masters in Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. In her work, industrial, commercial and domestic materials are assembled into tentative, unstable and often temporary arrangements. These constructions are often simple in their composition, but bear the trace of the agency of the artist; a consciousness of the act of art-making, a careful editing and rearranging of objects, that moves the familiar towards the unknown. Recent exhibitions of her work have taken place at Solstice Arts Centre, Meath; Gallery Augusta, Helsinki; and Tulca Festival of Visual Arts, Galway. Forthcoming exhibitions include City Agents, EKKM, Estonia and a solo exhibition at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios.


St Anne's Square