16 · 09 · 16


16 · 09 · 16




Medieval Swordsmanship

17:00 - 22:00 #BESTBITS

Medieval martial heritage in action

Medieval Combat Group and Historical Fencing NI will host practical demonstrations and presentations of historical swordsmanship; showcasing the real life techniques that have inspired fantasy literature and cinema.

Here's is a taster video of one of our larger events:

Meet practitioners, see the weapons in use, and find out more about the sport. A range of historical sources, modern safety equipment and training weapons will be on display.

There will be both a continuous supply of fencing to allow you to come and go, and shorter structured presentations by instructors and practitioners. Engage with your European martial heritage; seeing first hand the fencing styles prevalent in Europe between 1400-1600.

You will see 'Fechtschule? (Translation: Fighting School) where? free fencing / sparring between practitioners will be displayed. 'Fechtschule? are based on the historical events held in town squares by the 16th century fencing guilds. Culture night attendees will see practitioners in full protective gear fight to showcase their skill at a range of weapons.

On the hour, interspersed with the fechtschule we will hold regular presentations of the weapons and their respective systems being showcased in the ?fechtschule?. See you there!


Edward's and Co. Carpark
18 Hill Street