16 · 09 · 16


16 · 09 · 16




Perpetual Munyana


13:00 - 23:00

Art exhibition with live performances.. And soup!

Featuring a group of 11 artists for a collective exhibition organised by Dave Common in Studio11, managed by Tony Haynes.
The artists will each have 2 pieces of work; a finished piece and a work-in-progress.

The show will be hung prior to Culture Night, and on the morning of the 16th, the artists will meet in the studio. They will be split into teams of no less than two and no more than four.

Each team will have a blank canvas/surface to be worked on collectively between the artists ( and the audience!)

After midday the artists will take their w-i-p from the walls, and the blank canvas? for each team, leaving the finished pieces hanging and move from Studio11 to create live work in the city at large (indoor and outdoor) with a focus on the Cathedral Quarter where most CNB events take place.

All artists will have promotional material highlighting the show back at Studio11, open to the public throughout the afternoon and evening, and the nature of the later evening show complete with the fresh live work and audience participative artworks.

The exhibition pieces return in the late afternoon to hang the work back into the exhibition and the evening show of the gallery commences.

Along with the artworks, there will be a ?Stone Soup? display, which will have a stone at center, and the community will be asked to contribute vegetables to the display table to generate healthy vegan-friendly soup/s

The next day enjoy soup together, a dash of poetry and music, to take full advantage of the energy generated on Culture Night itself and bring together Art, Poetry, Music & Food for our community in a saturday afternoon of reflection and regeneration.


Studio 11
5 College Court