16 · 09 · 16


16 · 09 · 16





Lisa Donaldson

12:00 - 18:00 every 15 - 30 mins in Main Hall

AV performance on conflict and art

Legacy uses an audio visual multimedia backdrop of projection, light and sound to let us interact with a single performer. Within only a few minutes we span one thousand years, visually describing how we have faced many conflicts and yet retained our creativity and compassion as a people. We visit our small island from the sea, watch the rise and fall of Celts, experience a World War blitz and suffer the Troubles all to reach our digital present day. Throughout this reflection our creativity blossoms, cities grow, fashions move and our people prosper. Now we must decide, if we really are both warrior and artist, how do we fight from here? Legacy reminds us to cherish compassion; fearlessly embrace the new challenges we all face and to never stop dancing along the way.

(This performance lasts under 10 minutes and is created as part of my Masters in Design, informed by studies on post-conflict social justice through visual arts. The performers are actress Louise Mathews and Express Yourself Dance Academy owner Deirdre Mathews.)


Saint Anne's Cathedral
1 Donegall Street